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Welcome to - the source for all of your apps tecnical staffing requirements! is a service in the placement of scientific and tecnical professionals throughout USA . gives your business the benefit of our years of contract employment experience with the expertise that we have in the scientific tecnical community. If you're looking for professionals in short-term, long-term and regular positions, at start-ups we can help you find these tech workers.

What kind of apps can we make? We can help you make gaming smartphone apps, and we also advice many companies if they should make Android gaming apps or if it should be iPhone software, we have also made some of the best location based apps.

We can help you find tecnical staff for your auto business website, or any other online business that require top technical experience.

BioSource Tech hires from multiple areas of the scientific community, selecting programmers, logistics and analytical experts to form a diverse group of applications specialists. There is a growing demand for Gaming Apps and other useful utility applications that utilize the Droid OS. All BioSource Technical Services Employees are highly trained and are available for long-term and short-term projects. We believe in excellence and quality programming and can lend our services to your apps project.

Building your team of programmers and technical services experts should start with BioSource. If you need a project manager with ten years of experience in games development, then ask and you will receive. We have built an elaborate network of contacts within the development community and can locate the right fit for your development needs.

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